Welcome to uncharted territory. Entering the “Bespoke” collection is about discovering certain “tailor-made” pieces that were developed according to the specifications laid down by their future owners. These are unique creations crafted to match our customers’ imagination. However, respect for buyer confidentiality, means not all models can be shown.

Calibre 364 (The Edminston North Hand Spirograph Classic)

Calibre 441 (The Edminston North Hand Spirograph Sport)


Case diameter : 45.00 mm

Case height (Edminston North Hand Spirograph Classic) : 13.71 mm

Case height (Edminston North Hand Spirograph Sport) : 13.90 mm

Encasing diameter : 38.40 mm

Movement height : 8.30 mm

70 hours power reserve barrel with special Geneva centring system, effective power reserve of 44 hours due to the Geneva stop work

One-minute tourbillon with internal geared wheel and traditional sea chronometer timepiece inertia balance with a double curved free-spring hairspring

Escapement wheel and anchor arbor with Incafix® cap jewels

5000 G shock-protected movement with special protecting devices for the dial, main plate and winding stem

Pillar movement with 28 jewels for The Edminston North Hand Spirograph Classic

Pillar movement with 33 jewels for The Edminston North Hand Spirograph Sport

Edminston North Hand mechanism

Made in La Chaux-de-Fonds (Switzerland)

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